Why These Adoption Agency Alternatives Deserve Your Consideration

Posted on: November 17th 2014

Who’s looking out for you? An adoption agency is one choice, but law firms can also provide the umbrella of support you need.

If you’re thinking about adoption, what options do you have? While you can work with an adoption agency to create an adoption plan, you can also work with a law firm to create an adoption plan and finalize your adoption.

What Can An Adoption Agency Provide?
When you’re pregnant and looking at your options, you may immediately think of an adoption agency. An adoption agency may be public or private. You might choose a local public agency or a private agency that is compatible with your beliefs. Agencies vary a lot. Some focus on specific groups of adoptive parents or children. Some provide resources and support throughout the pregnancy, birth, and beyond, while others provide specific services. While an adoption agency is one place you can go for support and may be a venue for finding prospective adoptive parents, you can also pursue other options.

Adoption Agency Alternatives
When you pursue adoption without a relationship with an agency, this is called an independent adoption. However, independent does not mean that you are completely on your own. When you choose independent adoption, you can look within your circle of friends and relatives or look online for prospective adoptive families who meet your requirements. While this means that you’ll need to look, you’ll be able to look for adoptive parents who really match with the way you’d like your child to be parented.

Should I Use An Adoption Facilitator?
Sometimes, adoption facilitators play matchmaker between prospective adoptive parents and birth mothers. This practice varies from state to state. In some states, it is not allowed, so check your state laws before working with a paid adoption facilitator.

Legal Agencies Can Help With Many Aspects of Adoption
Once you have found a family who’d like to adopt your child, you’ll need assistance to make the adoption complete. In some cases, birth mothers and adoptive families choose identified adoption and work with an adoption agency to facilitate home studies and provide counseling.

If you’re considering independent adoption, you can also work with a legal firm to create an adoption plan and finalize your adoption. A legal firm can help you create many different aspects of your adoption plan, from discussions about your birth plan and future contact to the termination of parental rights and the finalization of the adoption. If you connect with an adoption law firm, depending on the laws in your state you may be able to receive assistance with medical and living expenses, and you can receive financial assistance for counseling should you choose to pursue it.

Legal Agencies May Have A List of Waiting Families
Sometimes, adoption law firms have a list of prospective adoptive parents who would like to work with them. They often work with a small number of families at a time to connect birth mothers and adoptive families. This means that they can provide exceptional and personalized service to each family. If you’re considering adoption, connecting with an adoption law agency early in your pregnancy can help you make a plan so that you don’t need to worry about what the future holds for your child.

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