Why Do Single Parents Adopt?

Posted on: November 23rd 2015
Single people can choose to become loving adoptive parents.

Should I give my child up for adoption? When you’re thinking about adoption, you may consider this choice because you’re not financially or emotionally ready to parent alone. What about those parents who choose to become single parents through adoption? Many people want to become parents, but they don’t have the right partner. They may choose single parenthood through adoption, and the adoption process helps them make sure that they are ready.

They Want Children

In many ways, single parents seek out adoption for the same reasons that couples look to adoption. Some single parents may not be able to conceive in other ways, while others choose adoption first because adoption is their preferred way of building a family. A single person without a partner may feel a longing to have children but may not be in a stable, long-term relationship. Nonetheless, single parents may choose to adopt because they don’t want to wait any longer to start to build their family.

They Feel Ready

You may be making an adoption plan because you don’t feel ready to be a parent. There are others who feel completely ready but happen to be single at this time. Single parents may be getting older and want to make sure that they’re able to become parents while they’re still young. They may be in the right job and right neighborhood and feel the desire to bring children into their lives now. Single parents who choose to adopt don’t take this decision lightly: they know that parenting can be hard, but they want to take this path.

They Can Manage the Logistics

Single parents have to think about the logistics of having children even more than couples do, and when a single parent chooses to adopt he or she has thought through these logistics and found that this is the right time. For example, a prospective adoptive mother who’s planning to be a single parent has likely thought through her job situation and her finances, made plans for child care, and considered how much leave she’ll be able to take when the child is born. She’s ready to take on the challenge of parenting solo.

Whether an adoptive parent is part of a couple or parenting solo, the adoption process helps parents make sure that they have the support system to become a parent.

They Have a Strong Support System

Single parents don’t necessarily parent alone. Many have a wonderful support system of grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and other community members who are able to help with child care or just be a supportive and listening ear. Choosing to become a single parent is a big choice and it’s one that adoptive parents do not take lightly. They’re asked about and need to consider how they’ll develop a system to support not only their child but themselves.

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