Too Late for an Abortion: Choosing Family Adoption

Posted on: June 24th 2015


Family adoption can help you continue to connect with your child.

Maybe you’ve known you’re pregnant for a while, or maybe you’ve just found out. It’s too late for an abortion, so what can you do? If you’re looking at your options, you may consider family adoption. What is family adoption, and what are some considerations before you decide to pursue it in earnest?

What is Family Adoption?

Family adoption or relative adoption occurs when you decide that you’d like a member of your family to adopt your baby. The definition of a relative or family member may vary from state to state, but it could include the uncle, aunt, adult sibling, grandparent, or great-grandparent of the baby. To determine if your baby would be considered a relative by your state, contact an adoption law firm.

In some states, family adoptions can be treated somewhat differently from non-family adoptions. For example, the family member’s home study may be shorter or different. However, this really depends on where you and the relative live.

Family adoption can help your child remain within her family history and culture.

The Benefits of Family Adoption

A family adoption can have many benefits. If you’re looking into an open adoption and you’d like to see your child, you may choose to have a relative who lives in the same city or state adopt your child. Depending on the family member, you may have more opportunities to interact with your child. Your child can grow up with the same family stories, similar cultural influences, and with parents of a similar racial background. You may also share values with these family members, and this can help you feel more comfortable about the adoption.

Of course, when you’ve decided to find an adoptive family for your child and you’re further along in your pregnancy, a family member is also a logical choice. While you can spend weeks or months finding a different adoptive family for your child, there may be an excellent match in your own family, and your child will be raised by someone you know very well.

The Challenges of Family Adoption

The closeness of family can be wonderful, but it can also pose a challenge. When a child stays in the family, you’ll constantly be reminded of the adoption, and this can be both wonderful and emotionally challenging. It can be hard to stop yourself from wondering or commenting on what’s going on if you see your child frequently or hear about your child from other relatives.

If you have ongoing interactions with your relatives, your interactions may be more complex due to the fact that you’re family. In part, these are the challenges of any family, and bringing adoption into the mix adds another element to your family interactions. Creating clear guidelines for your relationship through an adoption plan can help.

If you’re looking into relative or family adoption, you need legal advice. An adoption law firm can help you complete this private adoption process.

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