Thinking of being a surrogate? Things you should look for in a surrogacy program

Posted on: April 28th 2011

It’s important to remember that surrogacy programs are not regulated by any government agency, and there are many, many surrogacy programs around to choose from. You might feel more comfortable with a big agency that operates across the country, or instead maybe a local boutique law firm with lots of personalized service is more appealing. Choose the program that fits your style and needs, but always check out how long the program has been in existence. A program with a solid track record, at least 15 years, has already dealt with surprises and knows how to make a surrogacy run smoothly. Find out how much experience the program staff have. Are they compassionate? They should listen to and hear your concerns, and most importantly, they should address these concerns to your satisfaction. How well do they screen their intended parents? You should be able to specify they type of family you will work with (married, singles, alternative families) and have the final decision on who you will be matched with. Are you comfortable with counseling? Some programs require their surrogates to attend group counseling throughout the surrogacy. Others make it optional. You should inquire into how program compensation works, what expenses are covered. Always ask what the program offers you specifically. Get this in writing. Make sure you’re offered an outside attorney, at no cost to you, to review all contracts—especially with respect to who holds your compensation and who decides when and how it is disbursed. Finally, do you like the team you will be working with; are they responsive to your calls and inquiries; do they inspire confidence? Surrogacy can be an incredibly rewarding experience when you’ve chosen the best team to work with you through the process.