Help Someone Else Have a Family

While most of the surrogates we work with are motivated by the desire to help someone have a family, the compensation can help your own family realize its dreams. You may be looking to build a financial nest egg, perhaps towards a college fund or buying a house.  Maybe you want to go back to school, take a special trip, or just cross something exciting off your bucket list!  Whatever your dreams are, it’s important to know that in addition to being emotionally rewarding, becoming a surrogate can also help provide a more secure future for your family.  

Compensation Shows Appreciation

Compensation is one way intended parents can show appreciation for the woman who carries their child.  The good news is that becoming a surrogate isn’t all about inconvenience and sacrifice.  Surrogacy fits well with most lifestyles, whether you are a stay at home mom or work full or part time and in many respects, is just like any pregnancy.  The impact on your time is relatively limited, though you will have to attend medical screening appointments and doctor’s appointments as you would expect.  Becoming a surrogate is a commitment for the whole family, and you will be investing a lot of emotion into the process.  Providing compensation is one way of recognizing the impact surrogacy has on the surrogate’s family.  

Our Benefit Package

We offer a comprehensive benefit package that includes compensation and reimbursements for various out of pocket and medical expenses.  While you might not be motivated by compensation, we invite you to click here to learn more about our benefit package.

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