From our very first phone call with Megan, it was clear to my husband and me that adoption law is not Megan’s job, it is her passion.
She has an amazing way at calming an anxious, hopeful adoptive mother (that was me!). She does not sugar coat the fact that there are no guarantees, and we found it invaluable to work with someone who was able to manage expectations. Megan truly cares and wants what is best for the baby and birth mother. Probably most important, Megan has an AMAZING team. It is a very small firm so you will get to know everyone, whether they are directly working with you or not. When you call the office, it won’t matter who answers the phone, they will know who you are and will do their very best to help you. Maura is Megan’s paralegal/case manager who worked on our adoption and I just can’t say enough. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, honest and just a joy to work with. Adoption will likely be one of the most emotional journeys you can ever go on, but in retrospect, we would do it all the same way again, starting with hiring Family Formation.
Mary & James S.
The team at Family Formation did a terrific job in matching us with a surrogate that was a perfect fit for our family. It took a while to find the match, but patience paid off. Our surrogate was fabulous. We have had a great relationship built on trust and mutual respect. We got a twin boy and girl as a result. Dory was there to answer any question we had and help us every step of the way. Great team!
Christophe T.
I have had such a great experience with Family Formation and being a Surrogate that I have done it twice. I couldn't imagine going through anyone other than Family Formation. I appreciate their organization, guidance and encouragement throughout the process. They are always so friendly and supportive. Thank you to all that work together at Family Formation!
Danielle I.
Through a friend of a friend came a gentle suggestion to call this lawyer named Megan who may be able to offer me another option. After my first conversation with Megan, I felt like the clouds parted. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Megan went the extra mile with me and still is. She was never judgmental or condescending. More than anything, she wanted me to know it was my choice. I never felt like I was thrown away after all was said and done. Her qualities are genuine… refreshing for a lawyer. I won’t lie and say it hasn’t been hard. I think of my son every day and although I miss him, at least I know I gave him a chance.
As the biological grandmother of an adopted child, I can honestly say that had my daughter not found Megan and Family Formation, the whole process of adoption would have been completely overwhelming for our whole family. Megan was there for my daughter, the baby's father, and even us, the grandparents. She encouraged each of us to call with any questions or concerns (and there were a lot), and was exceptionally understanding. She made answering our concerns her only priority. Megan was there in person before and after the birth, and she was always, and still is, there for us, by phone or email. She found the perfect parents for our grandchild, and we couldn't have asked for more. Megan made going through this heartbreaking experience less so, and I would highly recommend her. It's not business for her. It's personal, and it's something you feel each time you speak with her.
Rhonda, Mother of a Birth Mother
We could not be more grateful to Megan Cohen and the whole team at Family Formation Law Offices for bringing our son into our lives. Megan did a wonderful job of explaining her process to us, answering our many questions, holding our hands throughout the wait, and working with us through the adoption process. She is professional, knowledgable and very skilled at her work. We felt very lucky to be working with a lawyer who also understands the perspective of and works out of full respect for birthmoms. Megan's values and discretion are solid, and we trusted her with the most important decision of our lives. We appreciated her monthly updates on progress with our adoption. Most of all, we are so pleased with how Megan managed and guided the adoption process and how smoothly it went. Thank you, Family Formation, for making us a family at last!
Sherry, Jonathan & Jonah P.
The Family Formation team there takes care of everything and everyone. They are always there to answer questions, you feel safe, and you feel taken care of from A-Z. There is a bit of magic to their screening process (I used a surrogate and she is like family to me now), and they knew from day one that we would feel this way in the end!
Mandy E.
My partner and I were in the adoption process for five years with little luck, at a nearby adoption agency. Family Formation was recommended to us, and we made an appointment, met Megan and started the process with them. What a difference! Within a year, we were blessed with an adorable baby girl. Throughout the process they treated us with the utmost respect, with a dedication towards making the entire adoption process positive and supportive for both the birthmother and for us, the adoptive parents. They were exceptional.
Steve Z.
Megan and Family Formation helped us with the legal side of our surrogacy. From the very start, they were fantastic; communication was great, everything was prompt and on time, and Megan gave us a lot of great advice. The coordination of the whole process was amazing, we will definitely work with Family Formation again in the future.
Roman S.
Though the entire process, Megan was our rock. She shared in the ups, downs and then the ultimate high when we brought home our baby boy. I hope to keep in touch with Megan throughout our son's life... without her we would not have him. We are happier than we have ever been and so in love with our little guy... it's like he was meant to be ours the entire time.
Jennifer S.
We HIGHLY recommend Family Formation. Before working with Megan and the Family Formation team, we were signed up with another adoption agency (for 18 months) and received very little communication from the staff and no matches with birthmothers. Family Formation provided us a complete opposite experience. After signing they guided us from the beginning starting with our profile pamphlet ensuring we communicated our story. A couple of months later, we were matched. Megan set-up realistic expectations as we journeyed with the BM through her last 2 months of pregnancy. It was a trying and emotional experience that Megan and team were there for us and the birth mom every step of the way. Because of Family Formation, we found the baby meant for us and could not imagine life any differently.
Brooke B.
From the time we first met with Megan, until the time we brought our baby girl home, it was only 9 months! Megan coached us through every nerve-wracking situation we encountered. You cannot go wrong with choosing Family Formation for your adoption. I couldn't imagine my life without my daughter. Megan and her team are true miracle-makers!
Leslie R.
I couldn't be happier with the service I got and continue to get from Family Formation. I have formed an intense bond with Megan. She has also helped me connect with other birth moms around my age and in my area so I have formed a community of young women who know what I am going through. Adoption isn't an easy choice, but Family Formation helped me to be strong. I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for their ongoing services to help me and my beautiful daughter and her family.
My name is Jessica and I live in Central California. When I first decided to become a surrogate mother, I was really nervous about the whole process. That all changed when I walked into Family Formations, they all welcomed me with open arms. I knew that this was the right place for me to begin my journey as a surrogate. My experience with them was perfect, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about everyone there. Being a first time surrogate I liked the fact that they basically took me by the hand and guided me through every step. Every question was answered, every concerned was addressed and no detail was left unturned. I would recommend Family Formation to anyone. Everyone there, is there to help you.
Jessica V.
Megan and the team at Family Formation were so supportive and wonderful. We have a beautiful baby girl who came to us just 2 months after signing with Family Formation. Her adoption was smooth and as low stress as is possible, and Megan is to credit for all of it. Thank you Family Formation!
Elizabeth T.
The team at Family Formation has extensive experience with adoption both professionally and personally, and they were able to share from both sides of their experiences. After an emotional process of trying to start a family, we would strongly recommend Family Formation to anyone interested in adoption! We have already recommended them to several friends and would most definitely use them again in the future.
Matt E.
Thank you SO much for all your help with preparing for Finalization and our son’s adoption! It was a VERY special day! Words can’t express our gratitude for all you have done in making him a part of our family!! We are forever grateful!
Faye E.
We liked the fact that Megan does not take on many families at a time. She really gets to know you and the birth parents to understand who may be a good match. She's a birth mom herself so she really gets what birth parents are going through and makes sure it is the right decision for them. We really connected with Megan who kept us calm in a very emotional roller coaster of a process. She was always there to listen and help and walk us through the process. We got matched quickly, and now we have a beautiful baby boy.
Jen K.

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