Understanding Parental Rights In Adoption

Posted on: September 26th 2015

Are you considering adoption? While the concept of adoption is fairly simple, the language around adoption can seem complex. When you’re a birth parent who’s starting on the journey to adoption, you have many questions. What’s an adoption plan? What is finalizing an adoption? What are parental rights? An adoption agency or law firm can … Continue reading Understanding Parental Rights In Adoption

Choosing Adoption Services: Should You Work With An Adoption Agency or an Adoption Law Firm?

Posted on: March 23rd 2015

When you think of adoption, many ideas likely come to mind. You might think of families connecting, or you might think of a baby being placed in an adoptive mother’s arms. One image that often comes to mind when people think of adoption is the idea of the adoption agency, a place where you can go to find families who would like to adopt a child. While adoption agencies are definitely an option, in many cases working with an adoption attorney can be your best route to an adoption.

Disadvantages of Closed Adoption

Posted on: December 07th 2014

For many years, closed adoptions were the norm. Adoption was something that was spoken about quietly, and many adopted children did not know their birth parents. Today, popular culture has changed and adoption is discussed and embraced by many. Attitudes toward closed adoptions have changed as well. What used to be a common practice is … Continue reading Disadvantages of Closed Adoption

How to Find The Right Family to Adopt Your Baby

Posted on: December 03rd 2014

Disclaimer: Many people use phrases like, giving up for adoption and/or putting up for adoption when searching for information about making an adoption plan. However, this is not the language we prefer to use. These phrases can have a negative connotation, and some birth mothers consider the language offensive. With that, we apologize and ask … Continue reading How to Find The Right Family to Adopt Your Baby