Confirming a surrogate pregnancy

Posted on: July 11th 2013

We had to wait for eight days after our transfer to confirm my surrogate pregnancy with a beta test (the blood test that says I’m pregnant!).  This just felt like such a long time, so I had spoken to our Intended Mother about the possibility of taking home pregnancy tests prior to our Beta.  She let me know that during her attempts to conceive, it was difficult to wait for the blood work, and they would test early at home.  With this information in mind, I bought several home tests, and waited for several days.  On the evening of the fifth day after our transfer, I got our first positive home test.  The line was incredibly faint, and I had to ask my husband too look at it to confirm with me.  The sixth day was very similar. There was a line, but it was faint.  I decided that the following day I would take a digital test.  The next morning came, and the digital test read pregnant.  I was so excited for our Intended Parents!  I knew that this was just one of many hurdles to cover, but we were off to a positive start!  I text messaged our Intended parents that morning, and sent them a picture of the positive digital test.  They were very happy, and appropriately cautiously optimistic.

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