Surrogate Pay and Benefit Package

We offer a generous compensation package.  Read more about surrogate pay below.

  • Medical Screening Expense Allowance:  $300.
  • Base Compensation:  $40,000 disbursed as follows:  $3,300 per month and the balance upon birth and transfer of any resulting child(ren).
  • Transfer Compensation:  $500 at the beginning of fertility medications for each cycle, $1,000 per completed transfer.
  • Multiples:  $5,000 – $10,000.
  • Selective Reduction or Abortion:  $750 per fetal sac.
  • Dilation and Curettage:  $500.
  • Amniocentesis or CVS:  $500 per fetal sac.
  • Any Other Invasive Medical Procedure Related to the Surrogate Pregnancy:  $500.
  • Mock Cycle:  $500.
  • Cesarean Section Delivery:  $4,000.
  • Dropped Cycle:  $500.
  • Loss of Reproductive Organs:  $5,000 for loss of uterus; $2,500 for loss of one ovary; $5,000 for loss of both ovaries.

In addition to surrogate pay, the following expenses are reimbursed.

  • Non-Accountable Monthly Expense Allowance:  $200 per month beginning after Contract execution to cover child care, lost wages, mileage, parking fees, etc.
  • Maternity Clothes:  $1,000 – $1,250.
  • Travel Expenses and Lodging:  Mileage in excess of 200 miles roundtrip for attendance at medical appointments to be reimbursed at current IRS rate.  If travel exceeds 200 miles or is connected to an embryo transfer, then hotel expenses, hotel parking fees and meals for Surrogate and one travelling companion (up to $50/day per person) may apply.
  • Child Care:  $200/week if placed on physician-prescribed complete bedrest.
  • Housekeeping Assistance:  $120/week if placed on bedrest, physician recommends assistance, or Surrogate gestates multiples through completion of 30 weeks.
  • Legal Fees:  Up to $1,000 for contract review and up to $500 for representation in the uncontested parentage action.
  • Counseling:  Up to 12 hours of counseling.
  • Lost Wages:  Usually not more than $7,000 if physician-prescribed bed rest or termination of work duties.  If applicable, Surrogate’s spouse/significant other shall be reimbursed for attendance and/or participation in the following events:  vaginal delivery (up to 3days), c-section delivery (up to 5 days), and/or any invasive medical procedure (up to 1 day per procedure).   Total of lost wages are negotiable and Surrogate’s attorney will likely request actual lost wages less any expected payments from SDI (or other disability program).
  • Life Insurance:  Up to $500 per annual premium, minimum coverage of $250,000.
  • Surrogate/Donor Cycle Liability Insurance:  Up to $400 per transfer cycle.
  • Art Risk Financial & Insurance Solutions:  $2,500 for management of medical bills (unless using a Lloyds of London policy)      
  • Medical Expenses:  Variable – Paid through the appropriate claims processor.  In addition, any payments to the fertility center shall be paid directly to the center by Clients.

If you have any questions about surrogate pay or expense reimbursement, please give us a call!