Planning to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption? Adoption Agency Options …

Posted on: January 07th 2015

Rather than using the phrase give baby up for adoption or put baby up for adoption, we prefer to say making an adoption plan. But because many people use those phrases when searching for helpful information, we include that language in some of our posts.


If you’re making an adoption plan, many paths lead to a happy family.


You’re pregnant, and you think that you might give your baby up for adoption. You want the best for your child, but you’re uncertain about your options. When you’re making an adoption plan, an adoption agency is just one of the options available to you as you connect with prospective adoptive parents.


Choosing an Adoption Agency

When you’re making an adoption plan, it’s important to work with people who have your child’s best interests in mind. You want to know that when you give your child up for adoption, that child’s adoptive parents will love and support your child. An adoption agency specializes in connecting children with adoptive parents. Some agencies are public, while others are private. Some agencies focus on families with specific religious beliefs, and some may be specific to a certain geographic area. Since adoption agencies work with many families, they may also be able to provide you with recommendations for counseling support or help arrange for support during pregnancy and birth.


Pursuing Independent Adoption

While an adoption agency is often the first group that comes to mind when you’re considering adoption, there are other excellent options as well. You may have friends or relatives who would like to adopt your baby, or you might prefer to connect with prospective adoptive families individually. Many adoptive families create web sites to profile their family so that you can learn more about them. If you’d like to find your child’s adoptive family on your own, you can do this, but you will need legal assistance to finalize the adoption.

You can choose an adoption agency or law firm that allows you to connect with adoptive parents before your child is born.


Working With An Adoption Law Firm

Whether you’re pursuing independent adoption or you’re curious about alternatives to an adoption agency, an adoption law firm can help. An adoption law firm can help you create an adoption plan. This not only includes working with the parents to complete the legal aspects of adoption, but it can also involve agreements about what will happen at the birth and discussions about future contact between the birth parents and the child and adoptive parents. Since adoption law firms also work with adoptive parents, when you contact a law firm you may also be able to connect with adoptive parents who are seeking a baby to adopt.

An adoption law firm can help you complete all aspects of your adoption, including home studies, legal consultation, coordinating an adoption plan with hospital staff, creating agreements that outline future contact, and finalizing court documents.

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