My Story As A Surrogate

Posted on: October 12th 2016


Some experiences in life give you so much pride that whenever you think of or talk about them, you experience the emotion all over again. I’d say being a gestational surrogate gives you that reoccurring prideful feeling. The first time I wanted to be a surrogate was before I became a mother. I had a dear aunt who was struggling with infertility. Hearing of her story through other family members resonated deep with in me.

Fast forward to when I had my daughter and she started reaching milestones. The pure joyful emotion those moments gave me made me feel even more of a desire to become a surrogate.  I felt that if someone wanted to become a parent, then they definitely should be able to because no one should miss out on the beautiful blessing that is parenthood.


For my first surrogacy, we became successfully pregnant with identical twin boys. Sharing the excitement with the parents throughout my pregnancy was unlike any other experience. I wanted to make sure they were just as much as involved as they wanted to be. After all, these were their babies and this was their journey.  I would send videos of their twins bouncing around in my belly when they had the hiccups or acting like hyper little dancers after I drank something cold. It’s a different type of excitement when you carry for another family because you want to share every little detail of what you’re experiencing.

surrogacy creates happiness

The day that I gave birth to the twins, I was so excited for their mother, father and big sister to finally meet them.  I almost couldn’t contain my excitement sitting in the hospital bed!  When they sent me photos of their mother holding them for the first time, I cried happy tears. I cried because I did what I wanted to do, and I had finally reached the end of my journey. I had successfully grown two little human beings (with the help of some amazing doctors and fertility medications), and now that family was happily complete. 


Family Formation has been the greatest group of individuals.  Not only are they warm and welcoming, but they treat everyone like family from the very beginning. If there is anyone to thank for getting me to this point of happiness, it would be Family Formation. I have had a dream since I was young to become a gestational surrogate. The reoccurring prideful feeling I get now when I talk about my surrogacy is something I will be appreciative of for the rest of my life. Gestational surrogacy is remarkable!