Adopt an Adult

Can I adopt an adult?

Yes!  You can adopt an adult in California as long as it isn’t  your spouse.

  • The adult adoptee must be at least eighteen years old and at least ten years younger than the adopting parent.
  • Generally speaking, everyone must agree to the adoption in writing, including each party‚Äôs spouse.
  • Notice of the adult adoption to the biological parents is usually not required.

How to adopt an adult

Adult adoption is usually a straightforward process.  Our attorneys (read more about us) can represent either the adult adoptee or the adopting parents, and in many cases we can represent both at the same time. For a flat fee, we will:

  • Prepare and file all necessary paperwork to get you to your finalization hearing.
  • We can also help you get a new birth certificate if you wish.
  • If an investigation by the Department of Social Services is required, which is rare, we will make arrangements for this and oversee it.

Adult adoptions may be completed quickly, usually within just a few weeks depending on how busy the court’s calendar through adoption or surrogacy

Why adult adoption?

Adopting an adult legalizes the relationship between the adult adoptee and the adoptive parents.  For many, the adoption symbolizes the love and commitment to each other and to family.  Others choose adult adoption to make inheritance rights smoother and easier.  When the adoption is finalized, the adoptee has all of the same rights and responsibilities as a biological child.  The adoption does not change immigration status.  Read more about this on the US Department of Homeland Security website. 


Why work with an attorney on your adult adoption?

You don’t need an attorney to process and finalize your adult adoption.  However, many clients hire us so they can hand the entire process over and not stress about it.

  • Only a few courts in California have do-it-yourself forms, so we routinely must create all the documents necessary for court filings.
  • We can quickly and easily respond to the courts’ questions and can efficiently resolve any issues that come up that might cause delays, especially when the court loses documents.

Call us today for a 15 minute complimentary consultation.  We’d be happy to discuss your questions and concerns about adult adoption and whether you need an attorney.  The quickest way to reach us: (925) 945-1880 or click here to contact us via email.