I Want To Adopt

If you want to adopt a baby, a relative, a stepchild, or an adult, Family Formation attorneys are experts at determining the most seamless and cost effective way to process your adoption, always with an eye to precluding legal issues. Because we are attorneys, not an adoption agency, we have many options when determining the best way to process your adoption.  We ensure that your needs are met whether your wish is to finalize the adoption in your home state, keeping expenses to an absolute minimum or terminate birth father rights expeditiously (or all of the above!).

Family Formation can help whether you are searching for a birth mother needing an adoptive family for her baby or if you have already found a birth mother who wants to place her child with you. We are experts in newborn, stepparent, relative, and adult adoption and work with attorneys and agencies across the country on interstate adoptions.

Family Formation will be with you through every step of the adoption process!  This includes:

  1. Coordinating your home study or investigation
  2. Thoroughly screening the birth mother and, when appropriate, the birth father as well
  3. Helping you create a birth mother brochure that captures who you are as a family
  4. Providing legal consultation throughout the adoption process–pre and post placement
  5. Helping you navigate your relationship with your birth mother throughout her pregnancy to reduce unnecessary worry or anxiety
  6. Coordinating with the hospital to make sure staff are aware of the adoption plan and the details for visiting with the baby and birth mother while you are there
  7. Finding the right balance for any agreed post contract after the baby goes home with you
  8. Drafting all court documents necessary to finalize the adoption.

We work closely with all parties to create a clear plan, to identify and address all potential legal issues. We make sure the adoption is solid and that the adoptive parents’ and birth parents’ needs are met.

Call us today to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with one of our attorneys.  The quickest way to reach us is by calling: (925) 945-1880 or (800) 877-1880 or by email by clicking contact us.We look forward to hearing from you!