How to Feel Confident About Adoption

Posted on: July 01st 2015
When you’re not feeling confident about your child’s future, talking with a counselor can help you clarify and ease your concerns.

Is adoption right for me? When you’re thinking about adoption, the future can seem very uncertain. If you don’t decide to parent your child, what will your child’s future be like? You want to be confident that you’re making the right choice and feel secure in your child’s future. Here’s how you can move forward.

Get Support

When you’re faced with a big decision like adoption, it’s helpful to have support people who can help you as you make that decision. Whether they’re friends to talk with or a counselor from an adoption agency, talking through your worries, fears, and hopes can help you determine where your best course lies.

Talking with an adoption agency or law firm can help you answer your questions about adoption.

Finding Experienced Assistance

When you’ve decided on adoption, you need to have someone who’s got your back. An adoption agency or an adoption law firm has done this before, and they can help you by providing advice about all stages of the pregnancy and birth. For example, an adoption law firm can advise you about the support that an adoptive family can give you while you’re pregnant, and it can also tell you about the legal aspects of the specific type of adoption you want to pursue. Whether you’re doing an independent adoption through a family member or you’re looking for adoptive parents, an agency or law firm has the experience to give you sound advice about your legal options and the process you need to go through to complete an adoption.

Connecting With Adoptive Parents

What will my child’s parents be like? When you’ve decided on adoption but you haven’t found adoptive parents for your child, you may not have a sense of certainty. Take some time to think about what you’d like your child’s life to be like. What parenting style, values, location, and family size do you value? Working with an adoption agency or law firm, looking at prospective adoptive parents online, or talking to friends and family members, you can find prospective adoptive parents who may fit and talk with them about your desires for your child’s future.

Creating an Adoption Plan

A birth plan and an adoption plan are key to feeling comfortable about your choice. When you’re worried about what’s going to happen at the birth, you can ease some of your fears by planning who you’ll have as a support person and who will be present at the birth. When you’re thinking about your future contact with your child, an adoption plan can help you lay out your plans for contact, whether you’d like to receive letters about your child or have visits. Making a plan and sharing it with your child’s adoptive parents will help you feel secure about the future.

When you’re thinking about adoption, contact Family Formation.

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