How Can My Family Adopt My Child?

Posted on: September 28th 2015

Is a family adoption possible for my child? ¬†Whether you’d like immediate family to adopt your child or you’d like a more distant relative to become your child’s adoptive family, relative adoption is both similar and different from non-relative adoption. This article provides more information on how a family member can adopt your child.

family adoption
Sometimes you know that you want to do a family adoption. What’s next?

Is Family Adoption the Best Choice?

If you’re thinking about adoption, you need to think about whether relative adoption is the right choice for you. You may have family members who would love to adopt but who have very different values or may not be able to support your child in the ways that you’d like to have your child supported. You may consider family adoption but feel that you’d like to separate family and adoption and have your child become part of a different family.

Family adoption will change your relationship with the adoptive family, since they will now be the parents of your child as well as your relatives. Before you pursue relative adoption or non-relative adoption, think about what is the best fit for you and your child now and in the future.

Adopt my child
Whoever you choose, find a family who fits your parenting values.

Choosing the Right Family Member

Once you’ve decided that family adoption is for you, you face a process that’s similar to the one you’d go through in any other adoption. In any adoption, you need to think about choosing the family that’s the right fit for you and your child. Think about what you value as a parent and what you valued in your childhood. What kind of childhood do you want your child to have? Do you want your child to have siblings, live in a rural area, or have parents with particular religious beliefs? Everyone is different and whether you’re looking at the profiles of adoptive parents online or you’re talking with family and friends, you need to consider how their values will mesh with your own.

The Process of Family Adoption

When it comes to adoption law, some aspects of relative adoption are different from an adoption by a family who’s unrelated to your child. For example, a relative may or may not be required to complete a home study, a process that looks at the adoptive parents’ home life, family support, education, income, interests, and values. This process varies from state to state. Some states require a full or abbreviated home study for relatives, while others do not.

Other parts of the adoption process are similar to any other adoption. No matter what kind of adoption you pursue, you will need to terminate your parental rights so that the adoptive family can become the parents of your child.

An Adoption Law Firm Can Help

If you’ve chosen family adoption, you may not need to go to an adoption agency. An adoption attorney can help you work with the adoptive family to ensure that you can ask questions, get help creating an adoption plan, and comply with state laws regarding adoption.

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