Gender Selection: Tiegen Spotlights the Issue

Posted on: March 11th 2016

Gender Selection: Is it ethical?

Is it okay to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) solely to choose your baby’s gender? Is it okay to choose gender if you’re “in there” anyway?  Chrissy Tiegen is the public’s latest target after her innocent, though controversial, statement on Twitter:  she chose “the little girl” embryo.  She had already publicly shared many aspects of the IVF process and infertility journey that she and husband John Legend experienced.  She then found herself on the defensive after celebrating their use of gender selection.

Ethical issues with gender selection is spotlighted in recent Vogue article
Ethical issues with gender selection are spotlighted in recent Vogue article

Tiegen continued to use Twitter as a platform to explain her decision, admitting that IVF is too complicated a process to discuss in 140 characters.  She implies that we already play God via IVF and people generally don’t have a problem with this.  So why now is it an issue when choosing gender?  Why is it okay to play God in one scenario and not in another? The  Vogue article discusses the controversy, the ethics of gender selection, and brings in the opinion of a fertility specialist.

Some ethical issues in gender selection

Does gender selection promote gender stereotypes, valuing one gender over another?  Is the ability to choose gender unethical because it’s only available to those who can afford it?  Will IVF be used by the 1% to choose gender? Is it ethical to discard embryos simply because of its gender?

The question we would like to see more focus on is how the lack of “randomness” in a person’s being affects that person.  What about the person who was purposely brought into the world because of gender?  How does this play into their sense of identity and their role as a family member?  How does it impact how this person feels about other siblings who weren’t chosen “first”?

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Vogue poses interesting questions about gender selection, and you can read more by following these links:  .  These are important questions.  Click here to read more about the ethics of gender selection: