Finding Help During Unplanned Pregnancy

Posted on: July 15th 2015
Help during pregnancy
Counseling during an unplanned pregnancy can help you with worries about your baby’s future.

When you are managing an unplanned pregnancy, worried, and considering giving your baby up for adoption, it can seem like no one’s on your side. How can you get answers to the many questions you have about your options? Who can support you? When you’re looking for answers, connecting with an adoption agency or law firm can help you get the support you need.

Answering Questions During An Unplanned Pregnancy

When you’re thinking about adoption but you haven’t decided yet, you might be worried about going to an adoption agency or adoption law firm. Will they try to convince you to adopt? When you’re looking at adoption professionals, look online and talk with others who’ve used their services. Choose an organization that is personable, community-oriented, and supportive of your many questions. If possible, seek out an agency or law firm that has employees who’ve experienced adoption firsthand, so that they understand the emotional intensity of your experience.

Talking it Through

Once you choose an adoption agency or law firm, you’ll have access to pre-adoption counseling services. Use these services to help yourself answer unresolved questions and think about the future you’d like to see for your child. Talk about your worries and concerns. When you’re worried about your unplanned pregnancy, you may put on a strong face much of the time. When you go to a counselor, this is a time to let out some of those concerns and talk them through in a supportive environment.

Help during pregnancy
Your child’s adoptive parents may be different from you, but they will love your child.

Finding Adoptive Parents

When you’re looking for adoptive parents for your child, where do you begin? This is where an adoption agency or law firm can be very helpful. If you already have adoptive parents for your child, a law firm can help you formalize this by pursuing an independent adoption. If you haven’t found adoptive parents, an agency or law firm likely has prospective parents who might be a match for you.

Creating an Adoption Plan

As you move along in the adoption process, you’ll need to make an adoption plan. This plan outlines what you’d like to see at your child’s birth and far beyond. What kind of contact would you like to have with your child in the future? Your adoption agency or law firm can help you with questions you might have about closed and open adoption and different options during the birth and in the future.

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