Find a surrogate online: What are this risks?

Posted on: January 04th 2013

Find a Surrogate Online: Get Accurate Background Information

Surrogates who advertise their services on the internet might do so after discovering they were not qualified for an agency or law firm surrogacy program.  Once a potential surrogate understands the reasons she doesn’t meet a program’s criteria, she might alter the information provided to potential parents so that she will meet with their approval. It’s difficult for intended parents who are new to the process to understand how to conduct their due diligence. Intended parents aren’t neutral parties and might not be willing to reject a potential surrogate for reasons which are obvious to an experienced screener. Our staff are experts at screening surrogates and quickly identifying potential legal, medical and insurance issues, the purpose of which is to protect not just the intended parents but the surrogate and her family as well.

Find a Surrogate Online: Ask Why She’d Want to Go it Alone

Intended parents should question why a surrogate wants to do go through the surrogacy process on her own, particularly if she’s never been a surrogate before.  The compensation and benefits a program offers are not markedly different from what she can obtain on her own.  Perhaps the entrepreneurial spirit camouflages those who don’t take instruction or believe they can find a better way to do things.

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