Help Me Find A Baby To Adopt

Family Formation has been locating, screening and evaluating birth parent situations for adopting parents for nearly 30 years.  We work closely with all parties to create a clear plan that addresses all legal issues and all parties’ unique needs.  Our comprehensive outreach program includes advertising necessary to locate a birth mother–both web-based and hard copy–and through our personal, exclusive networking avenues. Our flat fee legal services program covers all the legal work necessary in over 95% of the adoptions:

  • Screening of birth parents, assessing risks, and strategizing the most cost-effective way to process the adoption
  • Coordinating with the hospital and arranging for smooth transfer of the child, termination of birth mother’s rights, and termination of birth fathers’ rights
  • Identifying and coordinating with out of state services, obtaining out of state clearances quickly and complying with the Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Coordinating post placement services, preparing and processing finalization, birth mother trust account disbursement and post contract agreements, if necessary.

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