Make Your First Open Adoption Visit a Success Story

Posted on: April 17th 2018

The first open adoption visit can be very emotional.  Everyone looks forward to it with excitement and some leave feeling let down.  It’s important to plan the visit with sensitivity to everyone’s feelings.  You should also take time to consider what you will do if emotions run high.  Here are some suggestions to plan for … Continue reading Make Your First Open Adoption Visit a Success Story

Should I Tell My Sister She’s Adopted?

Should I tell my sister she’s adopted?  The New York Times Magazine recently tried to answer this question in an article written by The Ethicist, a philosophy professor named Kwame Anthony Appiah.  He makes several really great points. 3 Good Reasons to tell Secrets creep up on well-intentioned people.  They meant to tell but the time never seemed … Continue reading Should I Tell My Sister She’s Adopted?

#Weekend wishes

Posted on: August 11th 2017

#WeekendWishes Wishing you all wonderful weekend wishes Take your time, enjoy your family and fun! No need to rush back to work. Take it from our little turtle friend. We’ll all be here again on Monday!!    

Friday Fist Bump to all of our friends

Posted on: August 10th 2017

#FridayFistBump Here’s to the last couple weeks of summer vacay! We send a (virtual) Friday fist bump out to each of you! May your final summer trips be restful and full of fun! And who knows, maybe you’ll make a few new friends along with way! 😀 Why did the robot go on summer vacation? … Continue reading Friday Fist Bump to all of our friends

Steph and JT in… The Lion King??

Posted on: July 28th 2017

We are rolling in our chairs at this new video of our favorite MVP Steph Curry, and our favorite boy band member Justin Timberlake, holding a baby Rafiki style on the golf course. Hope this puts a smile on your face heading into the weekend!! 

Back To School Daydreams!

Posted on: July 21st 2017

Happy Friday! Miss Mila here has us in stitches. We’ve got to admit, as much as we love spending summer with the kiddos, sometimes we day dream about back to school too. Just a few minutes of peace, am I right? Hope you have a fantastic weekend!