Birth Father Questions and Concerns

Family Formation attorneys are experts in working with birth fathers and terminating birth father rights.  Some women want their baby’s father to be involved in the adoption plan, and many birth fathers appreciate the opportunity to get to know and help choose the adopting family.  Some birth fathers have their own post-contact agreement with adopting parents so he can see that the baby is happy and thriving throughout its life.

Every situation is different, and there are certainly times when a birth father doesn’t want to be involved in the adoption plan.  Whatever your situation, we have the legal tools to help.  Here are some situations where birth mothers worry that they can’t do an adoption because of the baby’s father.  We can help even if:

  • You aren’t sure who the baby’s father is
  • You aren’t sure what his name is or where he lives
  • Your baby’s father is in jail
  • Your baby’s father refuses to cooperate with the adoption
  • You are married and your spouse is not the baby’s father

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