Being a Surrogate: My Story

Posted on: September 18th 2013

Being a surrogate was one of the best things that I had ever done.  The fact that I was able to do something that not many others would even consider doing made me feel good.  So now here I am, telling my story to whoever would love to read it.

Being a surrogateMy name is Jessica and I am 33 years old.  I have been with my wonderful partner Mauricio for over seven years and together we are raising three wonderful kids.  Last year our life completely changed, because I gave birth to the two most beautiful twins in the world.  Of course, they were not ours to bring home.  They belonged to my wonderful Intended Parents (IPs).  My whole journey being a surrogate was such an awesome experience; it seemed that everything just fell into place.  I wanted to do it again!

Being a surrogate is like traveling a curvy road.

Being a surrogate means taking a path that you cannot rush on, but eventually you get there and the outcome is amazing.   After a lot of thought and prayer, Mauricio and I decided that it would be great to start a second surrogacy journey.  I knew going into my second journey that there would be a chance that finding IP’s like my former ones would probably not happen.  They were two of the most amazing people I had ever met, and I am proud to say that I helped complete their family.

I contacted Family Formation, the firm I worked with on my first surrogacy.  I knew 100% that they would help me find the perfect couple once again.  They were there for me all throughout my first journey, and I wanted to start my next one with them by my side.  My wonderful coordinator Dory sent over all the paper work and after faxing it all back to her and getting all my medical records we were all set to start.  A few weeks later I got the call that I was so anxiously awaiting.   Dory let me know that she had shown my profile to a couple and that they were interested.  It made me feel good knowing that they wanted to meet us. Dory told me that  Mauricio and I should just be ourselves and that everything would go great.

The meeting was set for that following Sunday.  We decided to meet halfway and have breakfast.  Mauricio and I were so nervous, the fact that we were at the point again was so crazy. Walking into the restaurant not knowing what the outcome would be and then being able to walk out knowing that I want to help them felt great.  Mauricio and I still were a little nervous because we had no idea what their feelings and thoughts were.  We had to wait until the following day to find out what their decision was.

The next day Dory called me and told me that they were so impressed with us and wanted to proceed.  I was super excited to hear the news and was eager to get started being a surrogate again!  I let Mauricio know the news and he let me know that he supports me and was really happy that the IPs liked us.  He was hoping that they would because he really enjoyed meeting them.

So right now, we are at the slow point.  We just got my insurance and I have to get medically screened, but have not got a call for an appointment yet.  I know that once we get cleared the process gets a little faster.  I love it though…the fact that I will be helping them complete their family through surrogacy is beyond words.

Being a surrogate is a controversial issue.

Some people don’t understand why I would want to do it.  I, on the other hand, don’t understand how one would be able to deny helping a couple complete their family.  The fact that they would trust me well enough to carry their child means so much to me, and I plan on being great at it.

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