Become a Surrogate: You Can Help Intended Parents Build Their Family

Posted on: January 14th 2015
Surrogacy can help intended families achieve their dreams.


If you love being pregnant and you enjoy helping others, surrogacy could be for you. As a surrogate mother, you help intended parents build their family. What can you expect when you choose to become a surrogate parent?

Can I Become a Surrogate?

To become a surrogate mother, you’ll need to make sure that you’re legally able to do so. While requirements may vary from state to state, in California a surrogate mother must be over the age of 21 and should ideally be younger than 35. During this time frame, it is easiest to have a healthy pregnancy. You also need to have experienced pregnancy in the past. If you’ve experienced a healthy pregnancy and childbirth and are physically, emotionally, and financially ready to take on a pregnancy to allow another family to fulfill their dreams, you could become a surrogate.

How Do I Find a Family to Help?

You may feel called to become a surrogate simply because you enjoy pregnancy, or you may have a specific family in mind. Many surrogates have friends or family members whom they want to help and this is why they choose to become a surrogate. If you do not have a family in mind, you can connect with an agency or law firm to match you with intended parents.

What Legal Support Do I Need During This Process?

As a surrogate, you choose to help someone else become a parent. This is different than carrying a child you will raise. An agency or law firm can support you as you qualify as a surrogate, create a profile, and meet with intended parents. It will also help you with the legal aspects of surrogacy so that the child you carry can become part of that child’s intended family. Choose a local agency with a good track record, and be sure to ask for references.

Through an agency or law firm, you can become a surrogate and find intended parents who would love to add to their family.

Are There Expenses Related to Surrogacy?

As a pregnant woman, you may experience changes in your ability to work as you progress through your pregnancy. To become a surrogate, you should have an alternative source of income such as a spouse’s income. Since you will deliver the baby, you will also need health insurance to cover your medical expenses.

What Medical Procedures Will Occur?

Every pregnancy and every surrogacy is different, but you will need to be available to undergo medical procedures related to your pregnancy. At first, you’ll need to have a uterine ultrasound and bloodwork to make sure that you are physically ready to have a baby. You’ll need to work with a fertility center to monitor your menstrual cycle and you’ll also have medical procedures related to the pregnancy, such as IVF. At the beginning, your pregnancy will be monitored, and then you’ll be transferred to the care of your own physician.


Becoming a surrogate mother can be an amazing experience for you and for the intended family. To become a surrogate, you’ll need a history of good health, legal support, and good medical care. If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate parent and you’re uncertain about where to start, contact Family Formation today. We help build families, and we can talk with you about your surrogacy options today. Call 925-945-1880.

Images Courtesy of Family Formation: Client photos printed with permission.