Become a Surrogate in Northern California

Posted on: May 30th 2014


Pregnant surrogate carrying for intended parents.
Give the gift of life and become a surrogate in Northern California.

Our surrogates are all locals, living in Northern California in the Bay Area.  Local surrogates have the benefit of working with local intended parents.  This means they can spend face to face time getting to know each other.  They attend medical appointments to share in the joy of the pregnancy.  Local intended parents also work with local fertility centers which means you don’t have to travel long distances for these appointments.  Considering being a surrogate in Northern California?  Give us a call, and as an extra “thank you,” we are currently offering a $1200 bonus this summer!**

Become A Surrogate With Family Formation

Become a surrogate in Northern California.
Most women become a surrogate because they really want to help someone have a child.

Family Formation is different.  We are a small program with four dedicated staff  members (including an experienced surrogate!) who will hand hold you through your surrogacy journey.  We offer a personalized surrogacy experience so unique that the majority of our surrogates are either repeating the process or found us through someone who did.  our surrogates continue to come back to repeat the process multiple times.

Share Your Surrogacy Journey With The Intended Parents

Sharing in medical appointments makes being a surrogate so rewarding.  You get to share their joy at their first moments of parenthood and know that you made their dream a reality.  You remember that you aren’t alone in the journey – you feel supported and appreciated.  Local fertility centers mean far less disruption in your life.  A last minute visit or a rescheduled appointment is less stressful on you and your family.

Family Formation is a small, local program for women in the Bay Area who would like to become a surrogate for a couple dreaming of family.  Contact us today to learn more how to get started.

** To qualify for the $1200 bonus, surrogate must be completely screened in and matched with intended parents.  Application must be received by midnight on 8/31/16.

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