My Beautiful Surrogacy Journey

Posted on: October 26th 2016

We recently celebrated Castle’s first birthday, and – looking back on my surrogacy journey -there are three things that stand out the most to me. Awkward Blind Date The first: being the most awkward blind date ever. Arrangements had been made for my husband and me to meet John and Carissa at a restaurant near where … Continue reading My Beautiful Surrogacy Journey

My Story As A Surrogate

Posted on: October 12th 2016

Pride Some experiences in life give you so much pride that whenever you think of or talk about them, you experience the emotion all over again. I’d say being a gestational surrogate gives you that reoccurring prideful feeling. The first time I wanted to be a surrogate was before I became a mother. I had a dear aunt … Continue reading My Story As A Surrogate