Adoption Agency Waiting Periods

Posted on: July 01st 2013

Adoption agency waiting periods can be very frustrating for adopting couples, especially when they hear it can take up to 3 years to adopt through an agency.  Adoption agencies refer their adopting parents to us when they’ve been unsuccessful in finding a birthmother for their adopting families. Some adoption agencies can take as long as two to three years to match their clients with a birthmother. The most likely reason for this long waiting period is that agencies are typically working with anywhere from 50 to100 adopting parent clients at a time. When a birth mother works with an agency, you can expect that she will be considering many families (25 or more in most circumstances).

Different from an Adoption Agency, No Long Waiting Periods

Our firm is different from an adoption agency, not only because we are attorneys, but because we work with only 10 to 15 adopting families at a time. This means that our wait times for a match are much shorter than an agency. When a birth mother works with us, she is going to be presented with an average of only 4 to 5 adoptive families. Also, we do not present any of our families with a birthmother until we have fully screened the situation first. We know her preferences for a family, confirmed her pregnancy (and in most cases already obtained her medical records) and have gotten to know her and her particular needs. This also benefits the birth mother because she already knows and trusts our team and feels assured that each of the families she’s been presented with will be a great fit for her based on her dreams for her child. And if for any reason she’d like to consider more families (which is not typical), we will present her with as many as she needs to make the choice that works best for her.

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  1. Having been an “adoptive family” that worked with their agency, I would have to totally agree with Megan’s discussion on waiting periods. We may have been a little unusual, but we met with Megan Cohen in September of 2011 and was at the hospital with the birthmother (whom we met many times) in January of 2012 while our baby was being born. Whew! What an exciting and great experience. Also, I am sure you will find that since the birthmother is making the greatest, unselfish gift, that you will want the best for her always. Megan was AWESOME with our birthmother and created a bond that our birthmother still feels. Best experience of our lives.

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