8 Books That Can Help With Surrogacy Questions

Posted on: March 02nd 2015
Learn more about surrogacy through various resources. Books are a helpful option.
Learn more about surrogacy through various resources. Books are a helpful option.

Surrogacy is a very special way to create a family. While there are many books about the adoption process, surrogacy has not been explored as extensively. Whether you’re an intended parent or a prospective surrogate parent, reading about others’ experiences can be very valuable and help you decide whether creating your own surrogacy story is the right choice for you.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an option for families who would like to have a child who is genetically related to them but are unable to carry that child themselves. There are several kinds of surrogacy, but often the mother carries a child conceived through IVF, and that child is genetically related to one or both of the intended parents. Intended parents choose surrogacy for many reasons. Some intended parents are same-sex couples, while others cannot carry a child due to medical concerns.

When parents choose to build their family through surrogacy, they seek out a woman who is able to carry a child for their family. The intended parents may know the surrogate mother or may choose to work with an agency or law firm to screen and choose a surrogate mother, a woman who has had a successful pregnancy and is interested in helping someone else build a family.

Resources and Personal Experiences

These resource books will help you explore others’ journeys so that you can understand both the logistics and the emotions behind surrogacy.

Our Journey: One Couple’s Guide to U.S. Surrogacy
By Richard Westoby
This book is heavy on the logistics of surrogacy. It explores the journey of a same-sex couple from the UK who choose to pursue surrogacy in the United States. It’s packed with questions to ask and tips to help you on your way.

Bringing In Finn: An Extraordinary Surrogacy Story
By Sara Connell
A memoir of a unique mother-daughter and grandchild relationship, this book traces the emotions, the challenges, and the ultimate joy of a mother who chooses to carry her daughter’s child.

Surrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories
By Zara Griswold
If you want to explore the many reasons why women choose surrogacy and the diverse experiences that they have along the way, this book brings together the stories of twenty intended mothers who speak about surrogacy from their unique personal experience.

I Got Drunk at my Baby Shower: Our Successful Surrogacy Story
By Susan Bowen and Heidi Thompson
This memoir brings together the perspectives of the surrogate mother and the intended mother. Together, they co-authored a book about the emotional ups and downs of creating a family through surrogacy.

The Journey of Same-Sex Surrogacy: Discovering Ultimate Joy
By Jason Warner
This book combines fact and memoir, tracing the journey of a male same-sex couple as they make the decision to pursue surrogacy as a way to build their family.

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Children’s Books About Surrogacy

If you’re a parent who’s looking to surrogacy to build your family or you’re considering becoming a gestational carrier, these books will help your children understand the process and the emotions behind surrogacy. They’re also very helpful for children who were carried by a surrogate mother.

The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Surrogacy For Young Children
By Sarah Phillips Pellet and Laurie Faust
In this book, a kangaroo decides to carry a baby in her pouch so that another family can have a child. This book is aimed at toddlers to early elementary school students and explains some of the logistics and emotions of the family of the gestational carrier.

The Very Kind Koala: A Surrogacy Story for Children
By Kimberley Kluger-Bell
While the carrier concept is similar to that in The Kangaroo Pouch, this book is intended for children who were carried by a gestational carrier. It explains how a very kind koala helps others make a family by carrying the baby for the family.

Sophia’s Broken Crayons: A Story of Surrogacy from a Young Child’s Perspective
By Crystal Falk
This story uses a metaphorical approach to help young children understand why a family would choose to help another family have a baby. When Sophia’s crayons are broken, her friends give her crayons so that she can color too.

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