5 Tips to Survive Being Pregnant In College

Posted on: September 09th 2015
You’re about to work on your greatest assignment yet: how will you juggle being pregnant in college?

Are you pregnant in college? If you’re considering putting a child up for adoption and you’re in school at the same time, this can seem doubly stressful. Your life is full of exams and deadlines, and you’re trying to stay healthy during an unplanned pregnancy as well. If you’re juggling college while you’re pregnant, you’re not alone. Many college students have gone through the same thing. Here’s how to get through college while you’re pregnant.

Reduce Your Load

You’ve just added another very large responsibility to your schedule: you’re creating a new person. This responsibility can seem overwhelming, and to prevent overwhelm, you need to prioritize. Talk with your support system and see if they can help. Can you move in with a friend or a family member for a while? Can you reduce your course load, even if it’s just by a single course? Get serious about your time management. Plan to do your assignments in smaller segments if you can, so that even if you experience morning sickness or tiredness you can get everything done without pulling an all-nighter. Anything you can do to make your life less stressful will help you manage being pregnant in college.

Getting enough rest and good nutrition helps your pregnancy go more smoothly.

Taking Care of Your Health 

College often means late nights and parties as well. For nine months, you’ll need to evaluate all of your choices not only based on the impact they’ll have on you but on the impact they’ll have on your baby. Rather than a night out you may decide that a lunch date is a better choice. You’ll still have a chance to connect with friends and you’ll avoid feeling extra tired the next day. Consider taking a bit more time planning and preparing meals that are healthy, such as green smoothies. If you don’t have the budget for a lot of fruits and vegetables, see if WIC can support you during your pregnancy and help you get the nutrition that you need. Focus on having fun and connecting with friends, but think about how to do this in a way that will keep you healthy while being pregnant in college.

Get Emotional Support

Being pregnant in college can be an emotionally challenging time. You’re probably trying to work, manage living on a small budget, and meet all of the deadlines you need to meet to apply to programs or complete your assignments. If you’re pregnant as well, you need emotional support. Talk to trusted friends and family about your pregnancy and find those who support you in your choices. Find an adoption agency or law firm that can work with you to provide counseling and advice as you take the next steps toward adoption.

Get Logistical and Financial Support

As you look for adoptive parents and think about your child’s future, you may also need help in the present. An adoption agency or law firm can help you with the legal (and other) details of your child’s adoption. They can also forward you to any sources of financial support for pregnant birth mothers and will let you know if the adoptive family is legally allowed to provide financial support while you are pregnant in college.

Look to the Future

Creating an adoption plan will help you look forward to the time when your baby is born. You’ll have more certainty about the future as you plan who will be present at the birth and what kind of interaction you’d like with your child and the adoptive family after your child is born. When you’re having trouble managing everything, an adoption plan can be your portal into the future.

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